Messy Feed's Fairytales

Moonlight Dreams are yours this night. A new course in flight will soon ignite

                         Hi there, my name is Hammer. I'm the family messenger, I also fix things around here...  
                                         Lookout for Moonlight Dreams - book two this  S U M M E R  2018!!


Messy Feed's action-packed mysteries intertwine with ghostly activity. Venture into the unknown in our legendary series.

Visit Old World Hotel/Academy to meet one of Clyde's science experiments, Bloo

Come face to face with Old Castle's spooky mummy, Clock-Down.

Travel to Moonlight Manor to unravel one of its mysteries

Trek through an ancient treasure trail, and fly to another world

Take a sneak peek at our monster Chester, inside Everly's castle

Wander into an ancient town via Old Castle's moonlit forest

Follow an old map to Skull-King, Old Castle's one and only ferryman

Take a ferry-ride into Moonmaid city

Visit Kindle Park where you will meet some interesting characters    

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